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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Find out why everyone's talking about ...
Aerobic Kickboxing

  • Explosive, High-Energy Workout!
  • Done to Music!
  • Go At Your Own Pace!

A Whole New Way
to Exercise
Not your everyday
boring Aerobics class
The best two hours
of your whole week!
The benefits of
Aerobic Kickboxing
Our students speak
for themselves!

Welcome to Aerobic Kickboxing - the high-energy, "feel good" approach to the martial arts!

Aerobic Kickboxing is the fastest proven way to get into shape! You work at your own pace, in a high-energy, explosive workout that's done to music. That's why tens of thousands of Americans - from housewives to executives - are now enjoying the benefits of Aerobic Kickboxing!

A Whole New Way to Exercise

Combining martial arts with cardiovascular conditioning, Aerobic Kickboxing is essentially a new way to exercise. All of the movements have practical self-defense application. Meanwhile, the cardiovascular workout gets you in shape fast, while helping release "toxic energy" from stress, pollution, and everyday life. After even a short while in an Aerobic Kickboxing program, you'll find you have more energy, more strength, more flexibility - and quite simply, a happier outlook on life!


Not your everyday boring Aerobics class

The thousands of Americans who have been taking aerobics are looking for something new, and have taken advantage of this exciting trend that has swept the country. They feel the difference right away. Combining traditional boxing, kickboxing, footwork, bag work, stretching, and Chinese breathing exercises, it stimulates both the mind and the body, while teaching self-defense skills.


The best two hours of your whole week!

Anyone interested in burning fat and calories, and looking firm and trim will appreciate the Aerobic Kickboxing workout. This is not a traditional martial arts class. The attire is shorts, sweats, t-shirts - whatever is comfortable for you. The instructors are friendly and motivating. Their goal is to make the one or two hours a week that you work out the best ones you've had all week long.

Our students know what to expect when they come to class: a fat-burning, sweaty workout, filled with fun and excitement!


The benefits of Aerobic Kickboxing speak for themselves:

  • Boost Your Energy
  • Lose Weight
  • Tone Muscle
  • Release Stress
  • Build Endurance
  • Boost Your Self-Esteem
  • Have a great time doing it!


Our students speak for themselves!

I love it!! It's a great way to get yourself in shape, tone up your body, as well as learn some fantastic self- defense techniques. I've enjoyed learning many of the boxing techniques, and applying them to self-defense. The many kicking combinations get your legs in great shape and make them very strong. It's a lot of fun!
- Laurie Miamis

Aerobic Kickboxing helps me build speed, stamina, and strength. It also helps me get my mind off other things. But most of all, it teaches me how to stay in shape. I've tried lifting weights and other bodybuilding programs, but this one is the best for staying in shape.
- Lester Gomez

It's the energy boost! No matter how tired or stressed-out I am, a good sweat always helps my physical as well as my mental state.
- Danette Spears

I feel Aerobic Kickboxing is a highly athletic sport. It builds stamina, strength, and very good body control. It's a highly skilled sport. I've learned skills for self-defense and skills that discipline me. I've gotten into good shape and built my self-esteem. I've benefited highly from these classes. I've lost weight and gained muscle. But most of all, it's GREAT fun!!
- Felicia Croteau

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