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Tai-Chi Chuan

Brunswick Martial Arts Academy would like to introduce you to Tai-Chi as a way of reducing stress and tension in all areas of your life.

What is Tai-Chi Chuan?

Tai-Chi Chuan, or simply, Tai-Chi, is a pattern of relaxed body positions performed slowly with precise breathing control. With each step, your energy is focused and concentrates to the point of attack as individual joints extend without the use of snap. The unique movements and breathing techniques allow oxygen to penetrate into all areas of the body to a greater degree than what occurs with other exercise routines.


The unique breathing control with each movement of Tai-Chi releases stress and expels toxins from your body. Because of the balanced breathing, Tai-Chi is not exhausting to your system and can be practiced for long periods, developing the respiratory system, balance, coordination, and body control.


Tai-Chi provides a total body muscle workout, which is important to maintain coordination and flexibility.

Why do Tai-Chi?

Millions of people have used Tai-Chi over the centuries to control stress, increase energy and improve circulation. All age groups have discovered that Tai-Chi is a natural way to control stress.

Last Updated: 7/20/2003