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At Brunswick Martial Arts Academy the dedicated student can receive instruction in the following systems of armed combat.

Warrior Seminars
What is Blays-Halla
Warrior Traditions
Teachings of Blays-Halla

  1. Bladed Weapons:
    • Katana (Japanese long sword)
    • Wakizashi (Japanese short sword)
    • Dagger (single and double)
  2. Pole Arms (edged & blunt)
    • Jo staff (3 or 4 foot long staff)
    • Bo staff (5 to 6 foot long staff)
    • Yari (Japanese spear)
  3. Medium-Range Blunt Weapons
    • Single stick
    • Double stick
  4. Flexible Weapons
    • Belt
    • Chain
    • Rope, etc.
  5. Hand Enhancers
    • Kubaton (palm stick and variations thereof)

Warrior Seminars

Brunswick Martial Arts Academy is also very proud to host seminars with some of the best martial arts experts in the world!

Our friends at Blays-Halla Battle Academy have broadened our martial horizons by holding seminars in Warcraft - the combat proven, battlefield tested, real-world arts of war. Here is some of what Torké Loong teaches at his seminars.

Visit Blays-Halla
Visit Blays-Halla

Visit Celtic Sword Productions
Visit Celtic Sword Productions


What is Blays-Halla?

Literally, The Hall "Of Blaise" or "Blaise's Hall". Named in the same spirit as the Old Norse Balhalla, Blays-Halla represents the ultimate academy where dedicated men and women can receive hard-core instruction in Warcraft - the combat proven, battefield tested, real-world Arts of War.


What warrior traditions does Blays-Halla follow?

The foundation of Yashai Warcraft is based upon a six-layered spectrum of successful warrior traditions. These six aspects (in no specific order) are:

  1. The Filipino Warrior Arts
    Emphasis on the fighting methods of the Southern Phillipines (Moro Systems) and on those styles developed by Battlecircle ("pit") champions. We call this blen "Ptayin Estilo" - The "Death Match" system of sword and battlestick fighting.
  2. The Jun Fan Fighting Method/Jeet Kune Do Concepts
    The system of combat developed by Bruce Lee (Lee Jun Fan).
  3. Nagondzog
    The traditional Apache methods of hunting, survival and guerilla warfare.
  4. Silat/Pentjak Silat
    The warrior styles of the Minangkabau (Sumatra), the Wali Suci (Java), the Bugis (Sulewesi), and the Melayu (Malaysia). We call this blend "Silat Sabungin" - the "cockfighting" system of Filipino/ Indonesia "short knife" fighting.
  5. Hrafns Vegr
    "The Raven's Way": The fighting methods of the Dark Ages Vikings. Emphasis is on the styles of the Einherjar and the Ulfhednar. The dedication to the old arts of War is still maintained in a few remote Scandanavian villages in the barrens and deep forests of the far Northlands.
  6. Capuan Boxing/Pammachon
    The Roman gladiatorial system of cestus fighting taught at Capua, one of Rome's most famous gladioator schools. Pammachon, an ancient Greek word which means "total myrmex"), kicking, wrestling, throws, strangleholds, and pressure locks.


What exactly is taught at Blays-Halla?

The following list comprises the 14 levels of training at Blays-Halla:

  1. Single Sword/Battlestick
  2. Double Sword/Battlestick
  3. Sword/Battlestick & Dagger
  4. Sword/Battlestick & Shield
  5. Double Dagger
  6. Single Dagger
  7. Palm (Nerve) Stick
  8. Empty-Hands
  9. Pole Arms (Blunt)
  10. Pole Arms (Edged)
  11. Flexible Weapons
  12. Projectile Weapons
  13. SOMA (Archaic & Modern Battlefield Tactics)
  14. Spiritual Warfare

WARCRAFT: n. The power or practices of Warriors.

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